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A Week in the Life of a Slave: An Interview with John Byron


The New Testament book of Philemon is the ancient brief letter by the apostle Paul concerning the welfare of Philemon's slave, Onesimus. What did the institution of slavery mean in the Roman Empire? How does the Bible handle the issue of slavery? And what does it mean when Christians are exhorted to be slaves of Christ? Bible Gateway interviewed John Byron about his book, A Week in the Life of a Slave (InterVarsity Press, 2019).


What Does Being a Servant Leader Really Mean?: An Interview with Ralph E. Enlow, Jr.


What did Jesus really mean when he said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, the servant of all” (Mark 9:35)? How radical is the "all" in that statement? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Ralph Enlow about his book, Servant of All: Reframing Greatness and Leadership through the Teachings of Jesus (Lexham Press, 2019).


Scripture Memorization 101


Robin Schmitt, author of Bible Gems to Remember Illustrated Bible: 52 Stories with Easy Bible Memory in 5 Words or Less (Zonderkidz, 2019) and Bible Gems to Remember Devotions for Kids: 52 Devotions with Easy Bible Memory in 5 Words or Less (Zonderkidz, 2019), says, "Simple and brief key grammatical clauses from the Bible, like 'God loves you,' are the basic building blocks of Scripture. They are a wonderful place begin Scripture memorization!" Learn how in this Bible Gateway Blog post.



The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing was July 20. Browse Heavens' Declare resources in the Bible Gateway Store.


Four Guidelines to Help You Keep a Strong Relationship with Your Adult Children


Jim Burns, author of Doing Life with Your Adult Children: Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out (Zondervan, 2019), says, "Adult children tend to view unrequested parental advice as criticism. Here are four important guidelines to help you keep your relationship strong and avoid the trap of giving unsolicited opinions...."


Adventurer Bear Grylls Depends on God for His Strength


Adventurer Bear Grylls, author of Soul Fuel: A Daily Devotional (Zonderkidz, 2019), says, "My strength comes from God; from taking time to be still with God. Faith is a journey made up of small, faithful steps taken every day...."

Infographic: The Status of Christianity Around the World


Africa is now home to the most number of Christians in the world. This infographic by Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary shows that more than 631 million Christians reside in Africa, comprising 45% of the continent’s population.

How to Access Bible Gateway Plus Resources Using the Bible Gateway App


A Bible Gateway Plus Membership allows you to access an in-depth library of study resources—an invaluable addition to your Bible Gateway experience. Here’s a quick run-down of how to use Bible Gateway Plus material on your App, in both Android and iOS.

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How to Live the Bible — Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible


In this lesson on how to live the Bible, pastor and author Dr. Mel Lawrenz, says, “One of the most helpful things we can do to understand the Bible better is to gain a clear comprehension of the whole sweep of the biblical text; to see the big picture.” If you want to know how to live the Bible every day, read this installment of his series on our Blog and encourage your friends and followers to receive it by email.

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Understanding the Bible’s Big Picture: An Interview with Drs. William Marty and Boyd Seevers


Reading the Bible can be intimidating, no matter where you are in your faith walk. Made up of individual "books" ranging in subject matter from history to instruction, from poetry to prophecy, this all-time global bestseller is frequently considered confusing, by first-time—as well as seasoned—readers. Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. William H. Marty and Dr. Boyd Seevers about their book, The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible: Understanding the Big Picture Book-by-Book (Bethany House, 2014).

The 100 Crucial Bible Passages to Know


Here’s a basic approach to reading through the Bible during the year. Read two passages a week for 50 weeks and in a year you’ll see the “big picture” of the Bible. Bookmark and return to this Bible Gateway Blog post weekly as a guide to help you study.

Why View a Bible Passage in More Than One Bible Translation?


Reading multiple Bible translations side-by-side is a popular feature on Bible Gateway that’s easy to use and customize. But why is it useful?

Watch the Free Webcast THIS TUESDAY with Max Lucado on the ChurchSource Channel


Register now for ChurchSource's free 30-minute webcast Tuesday, August 6, at 3:00 pm ET with pastor Max Lucado, author of How Happiness Happens: Finding Lasting Joy in a World of Comparison, Disappointment, and Unmet Expectations (Thomas Nelson, 2019). The topic is: How to be a Giver of Happiness.


Read the Bible Gateway Blog posts, Anxious for Nothing: An Interview with Max Lucado and Hope for the Hopeless: An Interview with Max Lucado.

Join the FREE It's Not Supposed to Be This Way Online Bible Study


Plan now to join this free 6-session online video Bible study August 19-September 29. Lysa TerKeurst, author of It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way: Finding Unexpected Strength When Disappointments Leave You Shattered, offers fresh biblical insight to get you through painful situations and life-giving perspectives for living in between Eden and eternity.


Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, When You’re Disappointed, Disillusioned, and Wondering About the Reality of God’s Goodness: An Interview with Lysa TerKeurst.

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