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Evangelism in a Skeptical World: An Interview with Sam Chan

How can everyday Christians best share the gospel in today's skeptical world? With the rise of Bible illiteracy and the view that the Bible is irrelevant, how does a Christian begin to communicate their love for Scripture and the gospel message it contains? How can you get past people’s defensive posture toward Christianity so they can seriously consider the claims of Jesus Christ? Bible Gateway interviewed Sam Chan about his book, Evangelism in a Skeptical World: How to Make the Unbelievable News About Jesus More Believable (Zondervan, 2018).

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Sign Up for Free Email Anchor Devotional by Haven Today Radio Program: An Interview with Charles Morris


Haven Today is the daily radio program—broadcasting on more than 600 stations in North America and around the world—that tells the Great Story all about Jesus and how he relates to everyday life. Anchor is its daily devotional guide that features brief Scripture selections together with current insights and experiences woven into a few short paragraphs each day. Full of Christ-centered content, sign up to get this free email devotional as a great way to begin or end your day. Bible Gateway interviewed Charles Morris, speaker and president of Haven Ministries, about the Haven Today radio program, and Anchor devotional.

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Zonderkidz and Bible Gateway Help Kids Keep Reading the Bible All Summer


Now that summer is officially here (in the Northern Hemisphere), help your children retain the literacy progress they made during their school-year by using this Bible Reading Plan that runs through September 3rd.


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Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Land of the Bible?


Which famous biblical event took place on the mountainside in northern Israel? While on the run from King Saul, David took refuge in the Cave of...? Mount Arbel in northern Israel is marked by what unusual feature?


How to Live The Bible — Basics of Bible Interpretation


In this 29th lesson on how to live the Bible, pastor and author Dr. Mel Lawrenz says, “Here are a few basic principles of the interpretation of Scripture. If followed, we will get out of the Bible what God put into it, which is the only thing we should be interested in....” If you want to know how to live the Bible every day, read this installment of his series on our Blog and encourage your friends and followers to receive it by email.

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How to Avoid Email Anxiety: An Interview with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs


What does the Bible say about the proper way to communicate in our modern email and social media saturated world? How can truth, kindness, necessity, and clarity help you avoid a communication disaster? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Emerson Eggerichs about his book, Before You Hit Send: Preventing Headache & Heartache (Thomas Nelson, 2017).

Spiritual Lessons While Golfing


This guest Blog post is by David L. Cook, author of Golf’s Sacred Journey: The Sequel—7 More Days in Utopia (Zondervan, 2018), a modern-day parable about golfer Luke Chisholm and his rival, both pursuing their common dream of winning the US Open while tackling trials, overcoming fear, and experiencing redemption. In this post, we find Luke deep in thought the morning of day five in Utopia when his mentor Johnny shows up to dispense his usual dose of divine wisdom.

Hunger, Thirst, and a Heart That Grew Ten Sizes


Melanie Shankle, author of Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life (Zondervan, 2017), says, "Maybe sometimes the point of a mission trip is God changing our hearts and our eyes to see what he sees. If our purpose is to become more like Christ, then I think we take the first step on that path when we begin to see things outside of ourselves, no matter how small or insignificant that may sometimes seem...."

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Experience God’s Word Through Visual Beauty


If you desire to personalize and create art based on Scripture, as well as understand God’s Word in a deeper way, consider this new expression of worship.

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Pushing Through My Season of Suffering


In this article excerpt from Perfectly Unfinished: Finding Beauty in the Midst of Brokenness (Zondervan, 2017), Andrea Logan White, says, "Pretending I’m living in victory when I’m not will just lead me deeper into defeat. We are defenseless against our enemy if we are living a lie. But we truly heal from each other’s stories...."


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Spotlight: Christian Standard Bible (CSB)


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