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How Is the Exodus Theme Expressed Throughout the Bible?: An Interview with Alastair J. Roberts

How is the theme of exodus spread throughout both the Old and New Testaments? How is its message of redemption through Jesus Christ from slavery to sin seen in a unified manner in Scripture? Bible Gateway interviewed Alastair J. Roberts, who, along with Andrew Wilson, authored the book, Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture (Crossway, 2018).

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What Does It Mean to Live in Post-Truth?: An Interview with Abdu Murray


Increasingly, Western culture embraces confusion as a virtue and decries certainty as a sin. This cultural phenomenon led the compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary to name "post-truth" their word of the year in 2016. How can Christians offer truth and clarity to a world that shuns both? Bible Gateway interviewed Abdu Murray about his book, Saving Truth: Finding Meaning & Clarity in a Post-Truth World (Zondervan, 2018).

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The State of the Bible 2018: Five Types of Bible Readers


The State of the Bible 2018 research reveals trends in how often Americans are reading the Bible, their perceptions around the Bible, and how much impact the Bible has on their choices, relationships, and lives overall. Here are the five categories in which the survey takers are placed in the report. Which one are you?


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Zonderkidz and Bible Gateway Help Kids Keep Reading the Bible All Summer


This summer help your children retain the literacy progress they made during their school-year. To assist teachers, parents, and students, Zonderkidz has created a free 100 Day Bible Reading Plan that runs May 27th through September 3rd. These brief chapter-long Scripture passages are a great way for kids to grow in their faith while keeping up on important reading skills.


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Candace Cameron Bure Reads Bible Verses on Kindness


Enjoy this video of actress Candace Cameron Bure, author of Kind is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously (Zondervan, 2018) reading favorite Bible verses on the subject of kindness she recorded while visiting the offices of Bible Gateway.

Read the Bible Gateway Blog guest post by Candace Cameron Bure, One Important Reason Why You Should Be Kind to Everyone.

Quiz: Can You Identify These Bible Prayers?


• The high priest Eli, seeing Hannah praying, initially rebuked her. Why?
• Moses asked God to spare Israel after they built a golden calf. What was one of his arguments?
• In one of his letters, the apostle Paul tells Christians to “pray without…”
Have fun answering these questions and more!

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Video: Day of Pentecost Meditation on Acts 2


Be inspired by this video as you read the Bible passage about the birth of the church


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What if Brokenness Is Just the Beginning of Something Beautiful?


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Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Christian Faith and Mental Health: An Interview with Sheila Walsh.

Spotlight: Public Reading of Scripture


This feature in Weekly Brief is intended to help you become aware of one of several practices explained in our Scripture Engagement section. This week read:


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