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Embracing All of God’s Children

By Joann Rosario Condrey

Sisters in Faith

Raising your own children is difficult enough without adding the stress of raising someone else’s; you may even be handling the responsibility while working a full-time job. God is walking this journey with you and continues to pour His grace upon you to carry the load. If you have opened your heart and life to raise a child who is not technically yours, you have undertaken an amazing thing. It takes great courage to step up to this challenge. You may be struggling to help your adopted children understand your love for them. It may be difficult to balance between discipline and fun. God is with you and will give you wisdom for the task at hand. Your selflessness is providing hope and opportunity for the children you are raising. This is exactly what God did for us through Jesus. (3, p.1412)

Excerpt from the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, King James Version

Copyright © 2012 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Notes and articles copyright © 2012 by Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore

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