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Stress Relief

By Jamell Meeks

Sisters in Faith

Things can get out of control in the workplace. We believe that if we work hard we should be rewarded. But far too often, the reward for hard work is more work. The one who gets it done becomes the “go to” person—the one who can be depended upon. Too much work equals too much stress; and that is no way to live. When you find your stress level rising, try taking the same action Daniel took. When he was stressed, he prayed, seeking comfort and conversation with the only One who could really make a difference in his situation. He requested divine protection in situations where only God’s help would suffice. Real stress relief comes from God, through prayer and supplication. (3, p.1042)

Excerpt from the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, King James Version

Copyright © 2012 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Notes and articles copyright © 2012 by Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore

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