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We Need Each Other

By Kim Cash Tate

Sisters in Faith

Those who fear the Lord are a peculiar bunch. People who don’t follow God surround us; some who don’t even believe there is a God, yet we cling to Him still, fully persuaded that He is real and worthy of our devotion. But that path can get lonely in the life of a believer, especially if our spouse or children don’t share our faith. That’s why the body of believers is such a blessing. God knew how much we would need one another. There’s nothing like getting together, openly sharing our struggles, and receiving godly counsel and encouragement. It fuels the soul and strengthens us to keep on keepin’ on. And how awesome that God hearkens to our time of fellowship! He’s blessed by it, and He remembers. (3, p.1130)

Excerpt from the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, King James Version

Copyright © 2012 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Notes and articles copyright © 2012 by Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore

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