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It’s Never Too Late (To Be Used By God)

Sisters in Faith

It was a big thing for Elisabeth and her husband, Zacharias to be called “blameless” before God. Zacharias was of the priesthood, and he and Elisabeth had both dedicated their lives to the faith; they lived righteous lives before God. God honored them in their old age by answering their long-time, silent prayer—He sent them a child. This special child would carry with him a mighty purpose for the kingdom of God. A child such as this needed parents who possessed great faith. After all, how could a child in the womb be filled with the Holy Spirit if his mother was not? Elisabeth thought her usefulness was coming to an end as she served God beside her husband for many long years. But, to God, her steadfast faith was reason enough to call Elisabeth into a new assignment. For as long as God gives us each the breath of life, we must give that life back to Him—dedicated to His service and the fulfillment of His purposes. In the kingdom of God there is no such thing as too old. (1, p.177, 178)

Excerpt from She Speaks: Wisdom from the Women of the Bible to the Modern Black Woman

© 2013 by Michele Clark Jenkins

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