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Children of God

By Joann Rosario Condrey

Sisters in Faith

We have all been adopted, in a spiritual sense. If God doesn’t adopt us, we are destined to eternity in hell. So God paid a very high price—He sent His Son to die so we could be adopted into the family of God. All we have to do is receive the terms—accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord—and we are immediately brought into God’s family. Often, our enemy (Satan) tries to convince us we are not God’s children. When this happens, the Holy Spirit rises up within us and reminds us that we have been adopted and we know the One who is our Father. This confidence allows us to ignore the enemy and keep moving forward because we know our Daddy has great things planned for us. (3, p.1412)

Excerpt from the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, King James Version

Copyright © 2012 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Notes and articles copyright © 2012 by Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore

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