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Are You Opposing God?

Acts 11:1–18

Additional Scripture Readings: Jonah 1:2—3:3; Matthew 28:19–20

Peter had resisted taking the gospel to the Gentiles. It made no sense to him to share the good news of salvation with those who were not of Jewish descent. Except for a few Samaritans and other such stragglers who had “detoured” into the faith, few believers were from outside of Judaism. A direct evangelistic effort toward Gentiles? How bizarre!

But after God revealed his will to Peter through a vision, Peter began to reexamine his position asking, “Who was I to think that I could oppose God?”

Are you resisting the opportunity to share God with a co-worker? With a neighbor? Is there someone in your family who has been an unbeliever for so long (like the Gentiles) that you can’t picture him or her becoming a believer (like Peter)? Are you opposing God?

God desires all to believe in him and experience a relationship of love with him—no matter what you or I think. Who are you to oppose God?

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