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His Princess Every Day - Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Pray With Power

My anointed one,

You have the power to move a mountain that stands in someone’s way. If you will take the time to pray, My power will be released into the lives of those you lift up to Me. I am your King who hears your prayers. As My princess prayer warrior, you've been given authority to call on Me, the God of the universe, to intervene on your behalf! Don’t exhaust yourself trying to fix people or problems with your own strength. I am the one who can make a way when there appears to be no way. So don’t underestimate the power in your prayer just because your eyes cannot see Me. Call on Me by faith, and know that I will come.

Your King and Father of miracles

You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, because the work of the Son brings glory to the Father. Yes, ask anything in my name, and I will do it!  - John 14:13–14

This devotional is written by Sheri Rose Shepherd. All content copyright Sheri Rose Shepherd 2014. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. Visit HisPrincess.com for devotionals, books, videos, and more from Sheri Rose Shepherd.