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Read Matthew 14:22–33

Jesus rescues his disciples from a sudden storm that has blown up on the Sea of Galilee. They are surprised to see him walking toward them on the water.

Wind and Waves

When a storm came up on the Sea of Galilee, Peter, a fisherman used to choppy waters faced the choice of giving in to fear or stepping out in faith. He knew how to make his way through a storm. He practically lived on the water. But he also knew his limitations. All his fears were whispering in his head, as they were in the heads of his companions: The winds are too fierce, the waves too high, the boat too fragile for us to survive this gale. Everyone in the boat began to cower in fear, their concentration fixed on all the dangers of the storm.

Just as Peter was about to give up himself, he looked out on the water and saw Jesus walking through the storm toward their boat! Jesus called to Peter asking him to step out of the boat and onto the water, to step into the danger and out of fear, to take a step of faith.

Peter wanted to do it!

So, believing that with Jesus, he could do anything, Peter took that step of faith, his eyes fixed on the Lord. One step—and just like that, he was walking through the storm, undaunted by danger, defying it even, doing the miraculous.

And then an especially large gust of wind swept over Peter, spray whipped his face, and his attention was back on the storm. The waves are too high, he must have thought, the wind too fierce, Jesus too far away. Suddenly, Peter’s vision was clouded by the storm. His sight was deceiving him. Jesus was never far away. He was with Peter in the storm, right there when the greatest gale blew.

“Immediately,” the Bible says, “Jesus reached out his hand and caught [Peter] (Matthew 14:31). “‘You of little faith,’ he said, ‘why did you doubt?’”

Why do we doubt?

Jesus beckons us to come. If we stay focused on him, we will be able to go anywhere and do whatever is required of us. If we take our eyes off him and stare at the storm, at the danger, we will surely sink. We will never go to the millions trapped in the darkness suffering abuse, disease, famine, injustice, loneliness, or hopelessness.

To get to them, we may have to walk on water.

Point to Ponder

Fear and faith cannot coexist. Are you going to face your limitations and fears, believe God’s truth, or succumb to the lies of the enemy? Will you choose fear of the world or faith in the one who has overcome the world?

Devotions by Christine Caine copyright © 2012 by Christine Caine and Equip & Empower Ministries.

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