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“I see I’m making myself unpopular,” [Scudamour] went on, “just as Dr Ransom did the other day. Well, I dare say I am rather poor company at present. You will wait till you see yourselves in Othertime, and we’ll find how you like it. Of course I oughtn’t to complain. This is science. And who ever heard of a new scientific discovery which didn’t show that the real universe was even fouler and meaner and more dangerous than you had supposed? I never went in for religion, but I begin to think Dr Ransom was right. I think we have tapped whatever reality is behind all the old stories about hell and devils and witches. I don’t know. Some filthy sort of something going on alongside the ordinary world and all mixed up with it.”

From The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower: And Other Stories. Copyright © 1977 by C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

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