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Mighty Hero, the Lord is With You!
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, "Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!" - Judges 6:12

When I became a mother, I was so afraid of failing because of my dysfunctional family and upbringing. But the one thing I could do for my son is tell him the truth that he was a hero of the faith. Every day I would have him pray for powers to change people's life in Jesus' name.

When Jake turned thirteen, his heroic heart went into hiding until one Christmas miracle.

He had saved money all year to buy a computer for himself. As I drove, I prayed for Jake to find his heroic heart while we're at the mall.

God didn’t waste any time answering that prayer.

We walked into the mall and Jake was immediately off to the computer store. I happen to notice a young girl curled up on a bench and in emotional pain. My heart broke for her so I approached her and said, "Please let me pray for you."

She totally mocked me by responding sarcastically, "Whatever"―to which I shot back, "I’m not leaving until I pray for you." She looked at me with anger in her eyes and said, "Go ahead and get it over with." Jake walked up to us just as I began to pray this prayer:

"Dear God, I don’t know what this girl has been through, but You do, so please let her know You love her and that You can and will help her. Please show her today, somehow, that You see her broken heart and You can restore all she has lost, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen."

This precious girl went from cold to crying uncontrollably. Then she began to share through her tears. She had gotten pregnant, but her parents had wanted her to abort the baby but she wanted to keep the baby so her parents kicked her out on the streets. She and her boyfriend kept the baby, slept under a bridge, and still went to high school. But because they were homeless, they had just given the baby up for adoption.

My son Jake, heart broken for the young couple, took the young man and bought him clothes, a sleeping bag, new shoes, and a backpack. I took the girl and did the same. At the end of our time with them, we got to pray the greatest prayer of all--the prayer for salvation. As Jake and I drove back home without any shopping bags in our car, Jake said to me, "Mom, that was the best day I have ever had!" At that moment, I realized that Jake will never remember a single thing I bought him for Christmas, but he will never forget the day God used his life to be a gift to someone else.

God's Letter to You

I believe if your heavenly Father wrote you a personal love letter for today, it would read like this:

Beloved Child,

If you will refresh others, you will find yourself refreshed. Yes, My Child, you are called to rescue those who are hurting, but I will go with you and prepare their hearts to receive My love through you. Your heart for the hurting is a reflection of My love for the world. If you look into the eyes of a lost soul, you will see Me. When you feed the hungry, you are feeding Me, your Lord. Remember this, beloved: I did not come for the healthy, I came for the sick and needy. Know this, My princess, while you are out on the battlefield serving those who cannot serve themselves, I am providing all you need and more!

Your King who rescues you

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