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Run to God
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Where do you run when life overwhelms you, and you cannot take any more? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances, or maybe life has hit you harder than you ever expected. I know many times life does not seem fair or just. I wish I could give you a reason for every sad and awful thing that happens on this earth. I wish I could pray away all the pain this life brings. What I do know is that our Lord feels our pain and hears our prayers and has the power to help us overcome anything in this life.

Before I became a Christian, when I was in pain, I ran to food, drugs, and alcohol to escape. As you know, it caused destruction in my life. Eventually, however, I believed I was destined for more than destruction. I wanted desperately to crawl out of the deep, dark hole of despair, but the harder I tried, the deeper I fell. I had nowhere to run.

Even after I became a Christian, I did not know how to process the pain this life brings. Somehow, I thought that following Jesus would eliminate emotional pain. So whenever I experienced emotions that did not feel godly, I ignored them. I thought if I kept my feelings covered up, they would go away. I handled my heart the same way I did before I was a Christian. I put my life in fast-forward by setting more goals and filling my schedule with excessive busyness. I did this so I would not have to feel or deal with anything emotionally difficult.

In theory, that sounds like it might work, but in real life it causes emotional meltdowns. At one point of my life, I had buried so much of my emotional pain that every part of my body was hurting. I had panic attacks, crying spells, loss of memory, and chronic depression. When I had no more strength or desire to run any longer, I finally found freedom and powerful peace. I learned to run to God and cry out to my Daddy in heaven.

I don’t know where you have been running to when you’re hurting. But I do know your Daddy in heaven is lovingly waiting for you to run into His arms. Sometimes, however, we don’t feel God’s comfort when we run to Him. Why? Because we run away from His presence too fast for Him to have a chance to reveal Himself.

Let’s do the following three things today:

1. Pray and ask God to show you the areas of your life that you are holding back from Him.
2. Write a list of hurts you want to tell your heavenly Father.
3. Be still after you do the above and trust Him to comfort you.

God's Letter to You

I believe if The Lord was going to write you a personal letter about battles this life brings it may read like this....

Beloved Princess,

You are destined to win. I know how tired you often become, running everywhere except to Me. If you want to win this endurance race, you must let go of living your life without Me to guide you. You’ll find that My grace will lighten your step, and My favor will follow you when you draw close to Me. No one can comfort you like I can. In those times when you will stumble and fall while you run to Me, I will pick you up. I will do this as many times as it takes, and I never grow tired of picking up, My beloved girl. Make it your daily passion to run to Me and with Me, and I will carry you over the finish line of your faith. Together we will win!

Your Eternal King

My Prayer for You

Dear God, search your daughter’s heart right now. Help her to find what she’s holding onto or what is holding her back from running to You and running her race for Your glory. Give her a glimpse of hope if needed and comfort. Silence her thoughts so she can hear Your voice. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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