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Fight to Finish Strong
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

I have fought the good fight, I have finished my race and I have kept my faith. - 2 Timothy 4:7

I know life can hit us so hard that there isn’t any fight left. Even on the best of days we find ourselves in the midst of a battle that attempts to steal our peace. Our Daddy in Heaven understands the spiritual heat his daughters experience. He is aware of how hard it is to keep fighting when we are worn out and don’t see the fruits of our efforts and energy. It’s very tempting to walk off the battlefield and just live for ourselves when we grow weary. However, when life is over and all is said and done, there will be no better way to exit this earth into heaven than the way Paul did - fighting the good fight so the next generation has a faith to stand on.

Look at it this way: if we give up now, it is like planting a beautiful fruit tree and chopping it down before it is ready to bear fruit we can see and taste. The Word of God promises a crown for those who finish their race. I can think of no better reward than to know my life led many to the kingdom and my fight brought victory for my children and grandchildren.

His Love Letter to You

My Child,

It is time to get dressed for battle, my beloved; You are more than royal; you are “A Royal Warrior”. I am going with you onto the battlefield and in those times you feel as if there is no fight left inside of you, My Spirit will rise up inside your soul and My strength will become your strength. My mighty armor will guard your heart from the fiery arrows of the enemy. By the power of my holy spirit you will find the passion and power to step out in faith and face any spiritual giant that comes against you. Your battles won for my Kingdom will become a blessing to all generations!

Your King who fights for you

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