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Just Because It Works, It Doesn't Make It Right
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. — Proverbs 16:25

I've learned, after 25 years of walking with the Lord, that just because I can get something to work, it doesn't make it right.

The verse from the word of God above is a warning that although there is a way that seems right to us, in the end it leads to death. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He wants us to get our hearts in the right direction for our own protection. Think about the times when we were children and we wanted something from our parents. We would act a certain way or do anything we could to cause them to cave and give in, instead of stand strong in their conviction.

When we weaken someone's will to get what we want, we really are not winning anything. When we study someone because we want to learn how to manipulate them, we have lost in love and have lost a blessing from God. In this weeks video, I want to talk about how to make things right and do things in a way that gets us closer to God, closer to one another, and puts our hearts at perfect peace.

If you're ready for a beautiful day, watch the video above and embrace these treasures of truth.

God's Letter to You

I believe if The Lord was going to write you a personal letter about battles this life brings it may read like this....

My Beloved Daughter,

Because I love you, I want to help you to keep your heart right with me so you will be able to discern from what is actually right and what appears to be right. Many things will seem right in your own mind but only by My word will you be able to discern the difference between right and wrong. Deception is a dangerous thing that eventually leads to destruction. I love when you ask Me for wisdom and I willingly give it to you because you're My beloved daughter. Guard your heart because it will direct everything you do. I am the God of truth that will direct and protect you from being deceived if you will seek My face and My word. Search for My wisdom as if it is a hidden treasure that will give you a rich life... because it will!

Your Heavenly Father

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