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Failure is Never Final With God
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

It may take a storm or two before we finally call out to God to pick us up and put us in the center of His will. But He will not let us stay down. Today He tenderly says to you, "Even if you fall seven times, My princess, I will always help you get back up again."

A righteous man or woman may fall seven times, but he will get back up again. — Proverbs 24:16

Failure is never final with God.

We all fall down, or sometimes life pushes us down. Many times our foundation has been so shaken that we feel like we are in a free fall and can’t find solid ground to stand back up.

The truth inside the heart of every man and woman screams, “I want to win.” No one wants to lose in life. We just don’t know how to recover from the fall. Sometimes we hide like Eve in the Garden, sometimes we run away like Jonah But God is so faithful He will take our weakest moment when we want to quit and lovingly lift us back up again.

Just because you feel like quitting does not mean life is over.

Sometimes a fall gives us an encounter with grace as we allow the Lord to lift us up from our painful place of humiliation. Sometimes our falls hurt both others and ourselves. But every time I’ve thought, “I can’t get up again”, and have cried out to my King, He has always heard me, and He has always stretched out His hand to help me stand and continue serving Him.

The reason I tell you about my Miss San Jose Pageant is because I learned a very important life lesson from that night. I learned that it is not only how we act that makes a difference in our lives; it is also how we choose to react to pain, disappointment, and rejection. These reactions can determine whether we win or lose in this life.

Keep in mind that there is not a soul on this earth who won’t experience failure, disappointment, and discouragement. Our beloved King David had to get up from the shame of neglecting his duty to be on the battlefield and committing adultery. The apostle Peter had to get from the guilt of denying Jesus three times after bragging he loved the Lord more than everyone else. Do not misunderstand me—there is a price to pay when we fall and sin against God, however, the same God who disciplines us because He loves us also sent us a Savior to give us the power to get up and finish our faith fight.

God's Letter to You

I believe if The Lord was going to write you a personal letter about battles this life brings it may read like this....

Beloved Princess,

I know many days you feel like a weary warrior, too tired to fight. I see you when you have exhausted your faith and lost your passion for My people. Today I want to paint an eternal picture for My beloved warrior. Every act of kindness you share will water someone’s thirsty soul. Every time you pray for someone, you are changing their destiny from darkness to light. You are more than a light in the darkness. Your faith will continue to be a raging fire that will burn in the hearts of many generations who follow your works on earth.

Your Eternal King

My Prayer for You

Dear God, I lift up your daughter before you today, I ask right now that you would give her a sweet release from anything that is holding her back from tasting your goodness. I pray if there is anything in her that is not of you that you would reveal it now so she can get up and be free. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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