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All the Men of the Bible - Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Aholiab [Ăhō'liăb], AHOLAH [Ā ho'lah], AHOLIBAH [Ăhŏlĭbah], AHOLIBAMAH [Ăhŏl ibā'mah]—a tent. These names in the A.V. are also given in the RV as Oholah - her own tent; Oholiab - a father’s tent; Oholibah - my tent is in her; Oholibamah - tent of high place.

  1. A Danite, appointed by God to work with Bezaleel in the erection of the Tabernacle (Exod. 31:6; 35:34; 36:1, 2; 38:23).
  2. A chief who sprang from Esau (Gen. 36:41; 1 Chron. 1:52).

Devotional content drawn from All the Men of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. Used with permission.