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All the Men of the Bible - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Abiezer [Ābĭē'zûr]—father of help or in help.

  1. The son of Hammoleketh, who was the sister of Machir and daughter of Manasseh. Gideon belonged to this family (Josh. 17:2; Judg. 6:11; 1 Chron. 7:18). Perhaps the same as Jeezer (Num. 26:30).
  2. An Anethothite, one of David’s thirty-seven chief heroes, who had command of the army during the ninth month (2 Sam. 23:27; 1 Chron. 11:28; 27:12). Also the name of a district (Judg. 6:34).

Devotional content drawn from All the Men of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. Used with permission.