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Joram [Jō'ram]—jehovah is high.

  1. A son of Toi, king of Zobah (2 Sam. 8:10). Called Hadoram, meaning “Hadah is exalted” (1 Chron. 18:10).
  2. A son of Jehoshaphat, who reigned for eight years (2 Kings 8:16-19; 11:2; 1 Chron. 3:11; Matt. 1:8). Called also Jehoram.
  3. A son of Ahab, king of Israel, who reigned for eleven years. With him the dynasty of Omri ceased (2 Kings 8:16-29). Called also Jehoram.
  4. A Levite, descendant of Eliezer the son of Moses (1 Chron. 26:25).
  5. One of the priests sent by Jehoshaphat to instruct the people (2 Chron. 17:8).

Devotional content drawn from All the Men of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. Used with permission.

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