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Chasing the Wind

Danny and his mother walked into the sporting goods store to buy him some soccer cleats and shin guards. “What’s that?” Danny asked. Near the front window was a glass booth with paper money swirling inside! An employee said, “It’s our ‘Instant Rebate’ program. If you spend over $50, you can go in the money booth for one minute. You get to grab as many dollar bills as you can.”

Danny looked at his mom. “Can I do it?”

His mom laughed. “Sure, if we spend enough.”

After they checked out, the employee let Danny inside the booth. Grabbing here and there, he tried to snatch the bills out of the air. When the buzzer sounded, he stepped out. “I got eleven!”

It would be fun to get into a money booth and try to grab as much cash as you could. But don’t love money so much that you spend your life chasing it! King Solomon called this meaningless, like chasing the wind. He said that people who live this way are never satisfied. Solomon knew the real purpose of life. It’s to “fear God and keep his commandments” (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Bible Verse: Whoever loves money never has enough.Ecclesiastes 5:10

People in Bible Times: God told King Solomon to ask him for whatever he wanted. Solomon could’ve asked for money, but instead he asked for wisdom. God was pleased, so he gave Solomon great wisdom and great riches.

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