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Choosing What to Keep

Standing beside the van outside the amusement park, Audrey punched the digits of her home number. In front of her, the Ferris wheel lights flashed colorful patterns against the night sky.

“Hi, Mom. We’re leaving. Cami’s dad said I’d better call you on his cell phone, since it’s late.” Climbing in the van, she buckled up next to Cami. “What? Yeah, we had fun! The new water ride is excellent. And there’s a roller coaster now with three loops. We went on bumper cars and go-karts and everything!” Audrey listened for a moment, then said, “Okay. See you soon.” Touching the screen, she ended the call.

Cami said, “You didn’t tell her that your favorite ride was broken. Or that you lost your arcade money. Or that you got sunburned.”

Audrey laughed. “Well, my mom always says to only remember the good stuff!”

What are you storing up in your heart as you go through each day? Is it thankfulness for God’s blessings or bitterness over things that go wrong?

Choose carefully what to keep in your heart. The things you pack in there determine the kind of words you say and the kind of person you are.

Bible Verse: The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.Matthew 12:34

People in Bible Times: Believers’ hearts should be filled with truth, not lies. Peace, not fear. Love,  not hatred. Forgiveness, not anger.  Contentment, not envy. Joy, not sorrow. Hope, not despair. Faith, not doubt.

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