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A Treasure-Hunting Tool

Teresa rode in her father’s Jeep through a remote forest. She was staring at a handheld device. “We’re getting close, Dad.” They were on a high-tech treasure hunt called “geocaching.” On the Internet, they’d learned where a “cache” was hidden. They’d entered its coordinates into a GPS receiver. And the device was guiding them to the treasure.

“We’d better walk now,” said Teresa’s dad, pulling off the dirt road. After hiking for several minutes, they reached a clearing in the woods. “It must be around here somewhere,” Teresa said. Spotting an old, hollow tree stump, she ran to it. Inside was a plastic container. “We found it!” she shouted. The container was filled with trinkets, a logbook, and a pen. After signing the logbook, Teresa pulled out a keychain. Her dad said, “Don’t forget to replace it with something else. That way, the cache will stay full.”

Teresa grinned. “I know.” She took a toy compass out of her pocket and dropped it in the container.

The Bible is like a GPS device that will lead you straight to God. That’s the greatest treasure you could ever hope to find. Keep studying your Bible every day. It’ll take you right to your heavenly Father!

Bible Verse: Send me your light and your faithful care, [God,] let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.Psalm 43:3

Words to Treasure: You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you.Psalm 63:1

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