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Mixing with the Right Crowd

Chris stood at the workbench in his dad’s home lab. In front of him was a drinking glass, a pitcher of water, a bottle of cooking oil, and a container of blue food coloring. Chris’s father, a science teacher, was trying out another experiment. “Okay, Chris. Fill the glass halfway with water and the rest of the way with oil.”

Chris grabbed the pitcher. “Right, Dad.” As Chris followed directions, his dad said, “Everyone knows oil and water don’t mix. But let’s see what a drop of food coloring will do.” Chris finished pouring the oil. The liquids formed two layers, with the oil on top. He squeezed a drop of food coloring into the glass. Without losing its shape, it sank through the oil. Then the drop hit the water and dispersed, mixing with it thoroughly.

Imagine that the kids you know are either oil or water. It’s okay to be friends with the ones who are oil (nonbelievers). Just don’t get mixed up with them too much. If you do, they’ll pull you away from Jesus. Develop your closest friendships with the kids who are water (believers). They’ll help you follow Jesus faithfully.

Bible Verse: Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.2 Corinthians 6:14

Life in Bible Times: An ancient farmer would join two oxen together with a wooden yoke. The two animals became one team. The apostle Paul wrote that believers shouldn’t link up with nonbelievers that closely.

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