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The Jokester

In the kitchen alone, Darin slipped a rubber band over the handle of the sprayer on the sink. Then he began setting the table. As the family ate dinner, he couldn’t wait for everyone to finish. “Whose turn is it to do the dishes?” his mom asked, getting up to clear the table.

“Elizabeth’s,” Darin said, grinning.

His sister said, “No way! It’s Dad’s turn tonight.” Darin’s grin faded. “Guess I’d better get at it,” his dad said, heading for the sink. “Uh, Dad — ,” Darin said. But just then his father turned on the faucet and got blasted with water.

“Hey!” he cried. Everyone looked at Darin. “Gotcha,” Darin said sheepishly, and they all laughed. Wiping himself off, his dad said, “You’d better watch out. Next time it’s your turn!”

A harmless practical joke now and then can keep your home life lively. It’s something else, though, to say and do things to make members of your family truly upset. That’s like “sowing” (planting) weed seeds in your own garden!

What you’ll “reap” (harvest) is your family’s anger. Sow seeds of love, peace, and joy instead. That will please God and keep things fun.

Bible Verse: A man reaps what he sows.Galatians 6:7

Words to Treasure: The one who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.Proverbs 11:18

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