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“An Extravagant Outpouring:” Reflections on the Wedding at Cana

It was a wedding on the brink of disaster… but Jesus stepped in to save with with an act of “gratuitous, gracious generosity.” Read about the miracle at Cana and what it teaches us about God’s grace.

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“The Lord Thundered From Heaven:” Thunder and the Authority of God

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder. Not soft, distant rumblings, but wall-shaking, window-rattling cracks. Even from within the security of modern architecture and surrounded by technology and comfort, it was almost possible to imagine what it would have been like for the men and women of Old Testament times to encounter […]

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Why We’re Reading the Bible in 2012

What’s in store for the Bible Gateway community in 2012? Rachel Barach, Bible Gateway’s general manager, shares her vision for the next year.

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Peter Brings the Gospel to the Gentiles

Over the past few weeks my church has been studying the book of Galatians—specifically, Paul’s rather fiery rhetoric against the group of Jewish Christians who were demanding that Gentle converts to Christianity be circumcised. Exploring the context of this account has led us back to the story of Peter bringing the Gospel to the Gentiles […]

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Has the Term “Biblical” Lost its Meaning?

Christians use the word “biblical” to suggest a number of different things. Have we over-used the term and diluted its meaning?

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Mel Lawrenz in “Everything New”: God Restores Order to Our Lives

I’ve been giving Mel Lawrenz’s most recent Everything New devotional some thought this week. In “Putting the Pieces Back Together,” Mel provides a powerful description of the order with which God originally imbued Creation—and the subsequent loss it suffered as a result of the Fall. Eden was a place of perfect harmony. But as soon […]

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The Top 10 Most-Searched Bible Verses: What’s Missing?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that John 3:16 is the most-searched Bible verse, according to Bible Gateway’s statistical analysis. We reviewed the behavior of some of the 8 million visitors who stop by the site each month to find the top 10 verses on Bible Gateway. But upon closer examination, something is missing from the list…

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