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Bitter Becomes Sweet: An Interview with Sara Hagerty

Where is God when life stops working for you? When you become mired in spiritual busyness and doubt? When your heart-felt longing is not met? What does it mean to receive God’s life when earthly life remains barren? How can God turn your bitterness of unmet desire into new flavors of joy? Bible Gateway interviewed […]

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Laban and True Love: Parenting Lessons From a Bad Dad

If you were to make a list of the best fathers in the Bible, who would make the cut? One name that almost certainly won’t make the list is Laban, uncle of the hero and trickster Jacob. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something about fatherhood from Laban’s example, dysfunctional as it may be. […]

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New Family Email Devotional Newsletter – Sign Up Today

Retaining your children’s attention during family devotions can sometimes be a challenge. But Bible Gateway provides a rescue for that. We’re launching a new email devotional intended to be read together as a family: Adventure Bible Family Devotions. Every Monday, you’ll receive an exciting story (drawn from the Adventure Bible Book of Devotions) suitable for […]

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Tell Your Family History (Guest Post by Bruce Feiler)

How well do you know your family history? How far back can you trace it? Is there practical value in knowing your family’s story? One of my family members has been delving into our family’s history, and compiling the stories and information she finds. It’s fascinating in itself—but beyond just being interesting, exploring family history […]

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