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Blog / Bible News Roundup – Week of March 24, 2019

Bible News Roundup – Week of March 24, 2019

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US Catholics Now as Concerned About Persecution as Climate Change or Refugees (Christians experience between 60-80% of the world’s religious discrimination)
Poll: The Persecution of Christians Around the World
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Horror Movie ‘Us’ Sparks Interest in the Bible
Bible Gateway Blog

Florida Dentist Inspires With Bible Billboards
Daily Commercial

Missouri House Passes Bill That Would Allow Bible Education Courses to Be Taught in Public Schools
The Hill

Georgia House Approves Bible Education Electives for Public Schools

World’s Longest Salt Cave Discovered Close to Where the Bible Says Lot’s Wife was Turned into Pillar of Salt
The Independent
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Bible Translations for 250 Languages in Nigeria Get Green Light
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Homeless Artist Turned Pieces of Wood Into Intricate Biblical Murals
WGN News

Bible Returns to POW/MIA Table at Veterans Hospital After Initial Removal Due to Complaint
Christian News Network

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