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Blog / How to Tell a Good Story: The CEB Storytellers Bible

How to Tell a Good Story: The CEB Storytellers Bible

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Stories convey truths through plot, character, and point of view. Nowhere is that more true than in the Bible.

Jesus and the prophets taught through story, and The CEB Storytellers Bible (Common English Bible, 2017) (@CommonEngBible) helps readers see the big themes and important truths of the Bible while also guiding them in how to tell these stories in contemporary language.

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This unique Bible includes:

  • Articles about reading and telling Bible stories
  • Extensive commentary on all the best-known (and many of the less common) stories of the Bible, including Jesus’ parables
  • Multiple indexes
  • “Learning to Tell Bible Stories,” a self-directed, nine-step workshop to help speakers learn to tell stories to make them come alive for listeners

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Improve sermons with better storytelling and with better understanding of the Bible’s stories.

For every story in the Bible, The CEB Storytellers Bible will help you with:

  • Personal study
  • Teaching a small group
  • Retelling the biblical story

Michael Williams, general editor of The CEB Storytellers Bible tells the story of Ruth

The supplementary material in The CEB Storytellers Bible comes from the acclaimed Storyteller’s Companion to the Bible, which was endorsed by Madeleine L’Engle: “In a day when unquestioning literalism is on the increase, it is a delight to receive a book that takes biblical storytelling seriously and gloriously! The editors are indeed to be commended for their willingness to understand biblical imagination and narrative richness. This book should be a real mind-stretcher and encourage many people to return to the Bible with newly opened eyes.”

The Common English Bible is a translation completed in 2011. One hundred and twenty biblical scholars from 22 faith traditions worked as translators. These women and men balanced rigorous accuracy in translation of the ancient texts with an equally passionate commitment to clarity of expression in contemporary English. The result is a clear, direct, and powerful English version of the Scriptures for use in Bible study, devotional reading, and worship.

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