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Blog / Quiz: Memorials in the Bible

Quiz: Memorials in the Bible

Stone Pile MemorialMemorials are objects or days set aside to remember and reflect on highly significant and meaningful events and supreme sacrifices made by dedicated people. Countries and cultures designate holidays, festivals, and monuments to help people commemorate critical occasions in their shared cultural history.

That’s as true of ancient people as it is of modern cultures. The Bible mentions many memorials designed to remind people of historically or spiritually important truths. Do you know what these Bible memorials were intended to remind people about? Take the quiz below and test your Bible knowledge. Once you’ve taken the quiz, share it with your friends and see how their score compares to yours!

Explore Memory and Culture in the Bible

For further reflection on the role of memory and memorials—in both the modern day and in Bible times—see the Bible Gateway Blog post, Monuments and Memorial Day: Remembering Who We Are.

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