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Blog / Get the Wisdom of Dallas Willard in His Free Daily Email Devotional

Get the Wisdom of Dallas Willard in His Free Daily Email Devotional

DallasWillardWhat does Dallas Willard say about following Jesus, the Prince of Peace, in a world filled with anger, uncertainty, and violence? What does it look like to live a transformed life?

Our new Dallas Willard Daily Devotional aims to answer these questions by exploring the best inspirational writing of beloved author and theologian Dallas Willard. Willard, who passed away in 2013, dedicated his life to encouraging Christians to experience their faith actively and joyfully. His hope was that each and every follower of Jesus would make an active, everyday decision to serve their Lord, rather than lead a life of passive faith.

The Dallas Willard Daily Devotional provides 365 days of inspirational readings from across Willard’s work. Each reading is brief but challenging. You’ll emerge from this year-long devotional experience with a renewed commitment to live your faith actively and intentionally. And you’ll also have gotten to know one of the great Christian writers and thinkers of the modern church.

Sign up today! You’ll receive the first reading immediately upon signup, followed by daily readings.

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