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Blog / Bible News Roundup – Week of June 11, 2017

Bible News Roundup – Week of June 11, 2017

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Sorry, Old Testament: Most Theologians Don’t Use You
Read the Old Testament on Bible Gateway

Canadian Christian School May Battle School Division Over Bible Teachings
Global News

The Bible Given to President John Quincy Adams
National Park Service
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, A Collection of Bible Museums & Exhibits

Georgia Family Loses Everything in a Fire, Except a Bible
Read Job 1:21-22 on Bible Gateway

Bible Intact After Cakaudrove Fire in Fiji
Fiji Sun

Iowa Bible Reading Marathon Set for June 19
Daily Iowegian

15th Annual Public Bible Reading Spreads God’s Word in Canada
The Daily Observer

Researcher Finds Relationship Between Chinese Characters and Biblical Text
Adventist News Network
Read the Bible in Chinese on Bible Gateway

Mass Grave of Child Slaves From Ancient Egypt May Contain Clue to Israelite Exodus Story
Breaking Israel News
Read Exodus 1:22 on Bible Gateway

Bible Society of India Urged to Introduce Bible in Braille Form
TNT Magazine

‘God’s Word Through African Eyes’: First Africa Study Bible Launched in Ghana
United Bible Societies
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Africa Study Bible Launches Worldwide Celebratory Events Planned throughout Africa and in the United States

New Testament in Tera Language Launched in Nigeria
Nigerian Tribune
Read the Bible in multiple languages on Bible Gateway

Nigerian Deaf Find Hope in Scripture

Nigerian Police Adopt Holy Bible as Spiritual Weapon
New Telegraph

Exhibit of Biblical Artifacts Visits Hong Kong
Patterns of Evidence

Portland-Auburn, Maine: The Most Post-Christian City in the Top 100 Media Markets in America
Barna Group
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Latest Bible-Related Research

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