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Blog / Rachel Barach on Olive Tree and Bible Gateway

Rachel Barach on Olive Tree and Bible Gateway

It’s been a big month for interviews here at the blog! We’ve got a slightly different interview to share with you today.

rachelbarachYou may have seen in the news that HarperCollins Christian Publishing has acquired Olive Tree Bible Software, which makes Bible study apps and software. In its new home, Olive Tree now joins Bible Gateway under the leadership of Rachel Barach.

We thought it would be useful to interview Rachel about Olive Tree’s acquisition. Here’s what she had to say.

olivetreeWhy is HarperCollins Christian Publishing acquiring Olive Tree Bible Software, Inc.?

Rachel Barach: HarperCollins Christian Publishing believes that it is our business to provide content that glorifies Jesus Christ, in whatever format the consumer demands. In that light, the acquisition of Olive Tree directly aligns with our mission. Olive Tree’s software provides a robust and holistic Bible study experience for consumers, allowing us expand our expand our mobile app capabilities and to diversify the overall suite of Bible study services we provide. As the digital world evolves, it’s important for us to remain relevant and use technology to better serve people around the globe.

As the leader of both Bible Gateway and Olive Tree, how do you see the uniqueness of the two companies—and how will they complement each other?

There are certainly similarities between Bible Gateway and Olive Tree, but I see them as complementary. Each brand has its own specific place, audience and purpose within the company, as well as in the lives of our visitors and users. Olive Tree does a great job targeting a specific audience of church leaders, Christian educators, pastors, theologians, and the academy. Though many Bible Gateway users also lead and have seminary degrees, Bible Gateway generally appeals to a much larger and broader audience. By finding the right ways to create partnership and synergy between Bible Gateway and Olive Tree, we will be able to serve a wider audience within the Church.

What benefits will this news bring to the Christian church worldwide?

The HarperCollins Christian Publishing mission is to inspire the world by meeting the needs of people with content that promotes biblical principles and honors Jesus Christ. The work we are doing with both Bible Gateway and Olive Tree help to fulfill this mission, enabling the spread of biblical knowledge worldwide. As our world becomes more connected through digital and mobile devices, it is important that we’re actively engaged in those mediums, providing that inspiration—to ultimately impact the Kingdom.

Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

BG-Blog-Header-300x93I am thrilled to lead both the Bible Gateway and Olive Tree teams. There are great days ahead of us. I’m committed to nurturing both Olive Tree and Bible Gateway by continuing to use the resources that HarperCollins Christian Publishing provides so we can continue to innovate and grow. The support that both teams have shown for one another thus far has been incredible, and I think it helps that we all have a common purpose. We are all getting to know one another right now, and we have hit the ground running learning from each other—and celebrating the great work that is being done across the organization. I’m grateful to all of our licensors and partners who work with us, and excited to help each of them build and grow their businesses, as we commit together to equip people, wherever they are, to read, study, understand, and apply the Bible to their lives.

For more information, visit HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Olive Tree, and Bible Gateway.

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