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Blog / Do the Biblical Accounts of Easter Contradict Each Other?

Do the Biblical Accounts of Easter Contradict Each Other?

Is the Bible full of contradictions? At some point every Bible reader, whether they’re a skeptic or a believer, must come to terms with perceived differences and contradictions in the Bible text. And these questions naturally assume a particular urgency around Easter.

Why is that? Because the events of Easter—Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection, as well as the events leading up to them—are among the most precisely detailed stories in the Bible. But more than that, the events of Easter are described by four different biblical authors. And four different perspectives make for four slightly different accounts. What should we make of these differences? Are these accounts truly contradictory? Do they weaken the trustworthiness of the Bible?

If you’re troubled by, or simply curious about, alleged Bible contradictions in the Easter accounts or other Bibles stories, here are some reflections to help you think through the issue:

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