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Blog / NASB and Two Spanish Bibles Added to our Verse of the Day

NASB and Two Spanish Bibles Added to our Verse of the Day

Although we mentioned this along with some of our other New Year announcements, it seems worth calling special attention to three recent additions to our Verse of the Day—two of them Spanish! Our daily Verse of the Day email is now available in three new Bible translations (click on each Bible’s name for more information about it):

New American Standard Bible: A literal, uncompromising Bible translation that builds on the older American Standard Version, but which renders the text’s grammar and terminology in contemporary English.

La Biblia de las Américas: A fresh translation of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Bible texts into modern Spanish, following the same principles for translation set by the English NASB (above). An accurate, highly readable contemporary Spanish Bible.

Reina-Valera 1977: The 1977 edition of the Reina-Valera Bible, one of the oldest Spanish Bible translations. This Bible is read and loved by Spanish speakers throughout the world today.

You can sign up for the Verse of the Day in any (or all) of these Bibles by visiting our Newsletters page; check the Verse of the Day box on the right and choose your desired Bible version(s) from the drop-down menus below it. (If you already subscribe to our Verse of the Day email, this will update your Bible preferences accordingly.)

The Verse of the Day email is one of our most popular resources, and we’re pleased to add these three Bibles to it. Thanks to all of you who have patiently requested these Bibles in the past, and special thanks to the Bible publishers (The Lockman Foundation and Editorial CLIE) who’ve made them available both on Bible Gateway and as part of our Verse of the Day!

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