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Blog / Students: How Bible Gateway Can Help You With Your Homework

Students: How Bible Gateway Can Help You With Your Homework

The school year is well underway, and students from first-grade to post-graduate are settled into the school routine—and are no doubt thinking of ways to procrastinate doing their homework. They’re embracing what Winston Churchill once said: “Personally, I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.”

Every year Beloit College in Wisconsin publishes its Mindset List, a compilation of observations about the worldview, assumptions, and cultural touchstones that have shaped the lives of new freshmen moving away from home and onto campus for the first time. For example, the list noted that for the class of 2017, most of them born in 1995, “GM” is more recognizable as an acronym “Genetically Modified” than for a company that produces automobiles, and “multi-tasking” across many media channels at once is second nature, not a new and bewildering phenomenon.

No matter when you were born or what assumptions you bring to the classroom, Bible Gateway can be of very practical help to you in your studies. In this post, we’ve compiled some school resources for all of you who are students—whether you’re a college freshman starting to sweat about fall midterms or a graduate student pounding away at a thesis, we hope you’ll find these links and resources useful.

Reading, searching, and learning about the Bible

Writing a paper about a Bible topic, or need to quote part of the Bible in a paper? Bookmark You may already know that there are dozens of Bible translations in dozens of languages in Bible Gateway’s online library, all free to read and search. While we hope you’re reading the Bible for your spiritual benefit, we hope you’ll also use Bible Gateway as a reference whenever you need to need include information from the Bible in a paper or school assignment. Here are a few tips for using Bible Gateway effectively for this purpose:

If you’re trying to better understand the meaning of a Bible passage, our collection of Bible commentaries and dictionaries may be useful. Many of our Bible commentaries can be read right alongside the Bible passage they refer to—here’s how to pull up a Bible commentary while reading a Bible passage.

Bible Gateway as a language tool

If your studies or interests require you to refer to more than one translation of the Bible (perhaps to compare how a particular passage is translated, or because you’re using the Bible as an aid in learning a second language), you’ll find the side-by-side Bible view indispensable. If you’re studying the Biblical languages, we have numerous ancient-language Bibles in our library, including an interlinear New Testament that provides a word-by-word breakdown of the original Greek.

If English is a second language for you, our Bible library includes several Bible translations that use simple, clear English to make the text accessible to non-native speakers. The New International Reader’s Version and Worldwide English New Testament are good places to start.

Exploring the claims of Christianity

Our collection of online devotionals may not sound like a promising source of scholarly information about the Bible, but you’d be surprised—several of them are written specifically for students, and others walk very methodically through key Christian beliefs and their supporting texts in the Bible. Devotions like Insights for Students Questions Answered, and Investigating the Bible are written with students in mind, and address common questions and challenges people raise about the Bible. For a more academic approach to Scripture, take a look at R.C. Sproul’s Essential Truths of the Christian Faith (theology), Faithful Through the Ages (church history), and Tough Questions with R.C. Sproul (apologetics). These devotionals can all be browsed online in their entirety or received via email.

The Bible Gateway bookstore

Last but not least, while spending money isn’t something students usually have in much quantity, there is a Bible Gateway store with many books for students, ranging from Bible commentaries and academic works to devotionals. Purchases at the Bible Gateway store support the ministry of Bible Gateway, and our prices are competitive with other online stores—so the next time you need to pick up a book for school or your personal reading, consider looking for it at our store! For example, see what’s available in the Bible Reference, Biblical Studies, Church History, and Theology categories.

It’s our hope that you’ll find Bible Gateway as useful to you in your studies and paper writing as it is to you in your personal devotional life!

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