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Blog / Our “Women of the Bible” Devotional is Re-launching with Brand New Content!

Our “Women of the Bible” Devotional is Re-launching with Brand New Content!

Our popular devotional Women of the Bible is re-launching next week with all-new devotional content!

Women of the Bible was one of the first email devotionals Bible Gateway offered. It offered a weekly look at one of the women who made Bible history—famous and obscure, heroic and villainous, it had something to say about each. Since we made it available, it’s consistently been one of the most popular email devotionals at Bible Gateway.

Well, now that Women of the Bible has been running for several years, we thought it was time to refresh the devotional. Among other things, we wanted to shift this newsletter (originally based on Herbert Lockyer’s encyclopedic book All the Women of the Bible) in a more devotional direction.

For a more devotional take on the women of the Bible, we turned to one of one of our favorite writers: Ann Spangler, who you’ve seen in our 20th anniversary interview series. Ann is the author (with Jean Syswerda) of a book called Women of the Bible: A One-Year Devotional Study of Women in Scripture. Ann and Jean review the Biblical details of each woman’s life, but add a devotional emphasis, looking for ways to apply the lessons of each woman’s life to the modern life of faith.

The Women of the Bible re-launch happens next Monday, August 12. If you’re already subscribed to Women of the Bible, you don’t need to do anything to start receiving the new, revised version of the devotional when it launches this Friday—it will continue to be delivered to you each week. If you aren’t subscribed to Women of the Bible, or if you subscribed in the past but opted out at some point, this is a perfect time to jump in.

We’re very excited about the revised and re-launched Women of the Bible! It features all new content, written by some of the church’s sharpest devotional writers. Whether you’ve been reading Women of the Bible for years or are just now joining us, we think you’ll love the new version of this devotional. (And note that while we’re retiring the previous version of the devotional, its content remains available online in our devotionals library.)

Sign up for the new Women of the Bible at our newsletters page!

Update: An earlier version of this post mistakenly stated that the revised Women of the Bible devotional begins on August 9. The correct start date is Monday, August 12.

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