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Blog / “The Plan” Begins Tomorrow!

“The Plan” Begins Tomorrow!

Don’t forget—our newest devotional, The Plan, begins tomorrow!

The Plan is an answer to the question Can God’s Word be trusted? Throughout a year’s worth of weekly readings, The Plan highlights God’s promises and prophecies made—and in many cases, fulfilled—within the pages of the Bible.

The Plan is unique in that it uses special color-coding to identify when prophecies first appear in the Bible. Different colors are used to mark the fulfillment of previous prophecies, or to highlight prophecies that are still being fulfilled today. It starts tomorrow, so if you haven’t already, stop by our Newsletters page to sign up!

As you know if you’ve been following our blog or social media feeds, it’s been a busy spring for us—besides The Plan, we’ve added many new free devotionals in the last month! If you missed them, our most recent additions are just newly underway; there’s still plenty of time to sign up for them:

  • Devotions by Christine Caine brings you weekly insight from evangelist and social justice worker Christine Caine, author of Undaunted. Caine has dedicated her life to ending human trafficking, and wants you to know that the same God who called her to ministry is calling you to something great as well!
  • Family devotions by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson—actually three separate devotions, each aimed at a different part of family life. Night Light for Couples is a nightly devotional for couples to read and discuss together; Night Light for Parents offers parenting insight from the Dobson family; and Family Love on Which to Build is a short daily message of inspiration for the whole family.

Sign up for any of these at our Newsletters page!

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