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Blog / Sign Up for Bible Gateway’s Weekly Bookperk Deals

Sign Up for Bible Gateway’s Weekly Bookperk Deals

BookperkDid you know that Bible Gateway has an exclusive deal-of-the-week program that sends you discounts on your favorite Bibles and Christian resources? It’s called the Bible Gateway Bookperk, and you can sign up to have each week’s deals emailed straight to you.

This week’s special offers are fairly representative of the kinds of deals in the Bookperk program. The first is a study guide and DVD companion to Bill Hybel’s classic work on prayer, Too Busy Not to Pray, for 37% off. The second is the NKJV Study Bible—perfect for pastors, students, and teachers—available for a whopping 59% off!

And these are just the current offers—each week, we send out two new deals. They range from Bibles to classic Christian books to fiction, and sometimes feature special “perks” like signed copies or bundled deals. We make a point of picking out deals we think Bible Gateway’s visitors will find most inspiring and useful, either for themselves or as gifts for others.

So if you haven’t signed up already, take a look at this week’s offers, and sign up to receive our weekly Bookperk deals via email!

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