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Blog / New Devotional: What the Bible Teaches About Money and Stewardship

New Devotional: What the Bible Teaches About Money and Stewardship

Are finances, debt, and money management the source of stress in your life? If you answered no to that question, you’re in a blessed minority; whether we’re rich, poor, or somewhere in between, most of us know the anxiety of making our financial ends meet.

But beyond these everyday pressures there is a larger question: what are we called to do with our money? Does God expect more of our money management than simply paying our bills on time and saving up for school, retirement, and creature comforts?

Our newest devotional dives straight into the Bible text to find out how, exactly, followers of Jesus Christ are to understand the money and resources that have been given to them. Biblical Principles Governing Stewardship takes a different approach than many financial-help books and devotionals; its focus is purely on the Bible text, and what we can learn from it.

Each week, Biblical Principles Governing Stewardship presents a short passage from the Bible related to finances and stewardship, and encourages you to read through it carefully, with a series of reflection questions to help you focus in on what you’ve read. The end goal is not that you’ll become a perfect money manager, but that you’ll approach each and every decision related to money with an important new understanding: that our wealth, whether it’s money or any other resource, is ours not to own, but to steward—and to use for the glory of God.

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