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Blog / Ministering the Master’s Way: A New Devotional for Pastors and Church Leaders

Ministering the Master’s Way: A New Devotional for Pastors and Church Leaders

If you’re a pastor, you know there’s a lot more to your job than just showing up at church services with a sermon prepared (and that’s not to downplay the work involved in preparing a sermon!).

Filling the role of pastor, minister, worship leader, or another church leadership position is a demanding, sometimes rewarding, and often misunderstood calling. It means playing the roles of speaker, administrator, counselor, manager, and sometimes public punching bag. And through it all, you’ve also got to maintain your own sanity and spiritual health!

For all of you who have the great privilege and responsibility of shepherding a community of Christ-followers, we have a brand new email devotional that speaks directly to the challenges you face: Ministering the Master’s Way.

Ministering the Master’s Way is a weekly devotional that will help you stay grounded in your faith while dealing with often-difficult duties, both spiritual and “mundane.” Topics covered by this devotional include:

  • Teaching your congregation the value and power of prayer
  • Conducting funerals with grace, and counseling the grieving
  • Enacting church discipline with care
  • Identifying and affirming the gifts within your congregation… and helping people put them to use
  • Preserving your health and mental well-being amidst all the pressures of ministry
  • …and many other subjects

Each weekly issue deals with a different topic, with a focus on helping you understand the importance of each aspect of your work, whether the topic is high-minded spiritual training or the everday logistics of effective ministry.

Ministering the Master’s Way is drawn from a line of books of the same name produced by the UK-based Day One Publications. We’re grateful to Day One for making this material available to Bible Gateway visitors, and we’re thrilled to expand our library of devotionals for church leaders.

If you’re a pastor or ministry leader, we think you’ll find Ministering the Master’s Way to be a valuable part of your week. You can sign up for Ministering the Master’s Way on our Newsletters page—and while you’re there, take a look at the other devotionals for leaders, including Tozer on Christian Leadership and The Bible-Inspired Leader!

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