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New Bible Reading Plan: The Book of Common Prayer Daily Office

We’ve talked a lot this year about the many new devotionals and Bible versions added to our library, but it’s been a while since we’ve made a major addition to our collection of Bible reading plans. So we’re excited to announce that we’ve added an important new reading plan just in time for Advent and the New Year: the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office reading plan!

The Book of Common Prayer Daily Office is a two-year series of daily Bible readings arranged according to the Episcopalian liturgical calendar. A typical daily reading includes a passage from the Old Testament (or the Apocrypha, if you’re using a Bible that includes it), Psalms, New Testament, and Gospels.

By including passages from each major section of the Bible in its daily readings, this reading plan helps you to approach Scripture as a unified whole, not as a collection of unrelated books and sections. And as it follows the church liturgical calendar throughout the year, you’ll be reading the same Bible passages that Christians around the world read and recite to explore the church’s feast days, holidays, and times of spiritual preparation and waiting in between.

If you’ve never followed a Bible reading plan based around the liturgical calendar, this is an excellent way to try it. The beginning of Advent this weekend makes for a perfect time to start reading through the liturgical calendar. And if you’re looking for a modestly-paced reading plan that offers a variety of different passages to read each day (rather than a single long passage), this is a good choice. It’s also an excellent companion to the New Revised Standard Version Bible that we just added to Bible Gateway—if you don’t have a particular Bible version in mind already, we recommend trying this reading plan with the NRSV or one of its variants.

The Book of Common Prayer Daily Office reading plan is online now; you can find it alongside our other reading plans. You can access it in several different ways:

For those of you interested in more detail about this reading plan, it’s drawn from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, 1979 edition (pages 933 to 1001). The reading plan includes special feast day readings, which replace the existing reading for that day. Optional readings are listed inside brackets or parentheses, in case you wish to expand your daily reading or divide it into morning and evening readings.

This is the first reading plan of its kind to be added to Bible Gateway, and we hope you find it useful!

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