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Blog / New Daily Devotional for Leaders: Tozer on Christian Leadership

New Daily Devotional for Leaders: Tozer on Christian Leadership

We’ve just added a new daily email devotional to our library—one that will be especially interesting to pastors, mentors, and anyone in a leadership position. We’ve made 365 of A.W. Tozer’s most useful leadership insights available as a daily email devotional: Tozer on Christian Leadership!

A.W. Tozer was one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the 20th century.

Tozer was a pastor, preacher, and author who was a powerful presence in evangelical Christianity in the 20th century. He had a special heart for Christians called into positions of leadership.

Pastors and ministers will find Tozer’s thoughts extremely relevant—but for Tozer, leadership was something that all Christians could be called to practice. Leadership might take the form of a preaching career, academic teaching, parenthood, or a mentoring relationship with another believer. Wherever you are in life, whatever role you’ve been called to fill right now, you and your relationships can benefit from Tozer’s insights into Christian leadership!

Like all of our email newsletters, the Tozer on Christian Leadership devotional is free. To sign up, visit our newsletter signup page, check the box next to Tozer on Christian Leadership, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to provide your email address.

This is the third devotional specifically for leaders that we’ve added in the last year, alongside The Ministry Advantage and The Bible-Inspired Leader. We think you’ll find this short daily reading to be a practical and inspiring addition to your everyday routine!

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