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Blog / Twelve New Bibles Added to our Library: Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, and More!

Twelve New Bibles Added to our Library: Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, and More!

There’s almost nothing we like more than announcing additions to our online library of Bible versions. Which makes today’s announcement especially fun: we’ve just added a dozen new Bibles to!

Most of the new Bibles are made available by the World Bible Translation Center (WBTC)—specifically their library of Easy-to-Read Bibles, which present Scripture in ordinary language, ensuring that the first Bible people receive is one they understand.

The new WBTC Bibles are listed below; all are available through the Bible search tool on, or you can click on a Bible below to jump straight to it:

The other new Bible we’ve added is the Cherokee New Testament, originally translated by the American Bible Society.

These new additions are particularly exciting for several reasons. First, we think it’s important to make easily-accessible Bibles available, reducing language and education barriers to encountering the Word of God. Second, many of these Bibles are in languages that are new to Bible Gateway. And third, many of these versions (such as the Urdu Bible) have been much-requested by Bible Gateway visitors, and we like it when we can make available Bibles that are especially important to you.

We’re thankful to the World Bible Translation Center and the many other partners that work with us to make these versions and translations available on Bible Gateway. We hope you find these new Bibles useful!

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