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Blog / The Ministry Advantage: A New Newsletter for Pastors and Church Leaders

The Ministry Advantage: A New Newsletter for Pastors and Church Leaders

Are you a leader in your church—a pastor, worship leader, or ministry volunteer? Whether your area of responsibility is an entire church congregation or a small-group Bible study, we’ve got a new email newsletter that will equip you to use your influence in a Christ-honoring way.

The Ministry Advantage is a weekly newsletter that will encourage and equip you as you face the challenges, trials, and opportunities that come along with leadership in the church.

Although it’s written with pastors and church leaders in mind, The Ministry Advantage addresses practical leadership challenges that are relevant to leaders of all types. Each issue centers around a particular leadership issue; topics covered include:

  • Dealing with discouragement in your ministry
  • When pastors become “too busy” for people
  • Maintaining healthy personal relationships as a leader
  • Handling criticism
  • … and many more.

If you have any type of leadership role in your church, you’ll find this devotional newsletter useful. The Ministry Advantage begins this Monday, September 10, and is delivered weekly. Visit our Devotionals and Newsletters page to sign up—check the box next to The Ministry Advantage, then scroll to the bottom of the page to provide your email address and subscribe.

(While you’re at it, you may also want to subscribe to Insights for Leaders, a weekly devotional also written for people in leadership roles.)

We’re grateful to The Ministry Advantage for making this newsletter available on Bible Gateway. We hope it helps to equip and encourage you in your role as a leader in Christ’s church!

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