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Blog / New Spanish Devotional Newsletter: Evangelio Viviente

New Spanish Devotional Newsletter: Evangelio Viviente

We’re excited to announce our first Spanish-language email devotional: Evangelio Viviente!

Evangelio Viviente is a weekly devotional newsletter that covers faith topics like suffering, prayer, anger and holiness. Each Friday, Evangelio Viviente will challenge and encourage you with questions like: Do I need to grow spiritually? Am I being tempted or overwhelmed? How can I draw closer to God in my daily walk? Each devotional is written by Jose Riveron and is drawn from the blog. Sign up to receive the weekly Evangelio Viviente devotional here.

Although Evangelio Viviente is our first Spanish-language devotional, there are a number of other Spanish resources at Bible Gateway! Our Verse of the Day email is available in the Spanish Nueva Versión Internacional Bible translation. And Bible Gateway itself can be viewed entirely in Spanish–to switch to Spanish, click on the En Español link in the upper right corner of the site.

So now you can start every Friday with a devotion that will boost your spirit and help strengthen your faith. We hope our Spanish-speaker visitors will find this new devotional–and our other Spanish resources—helpful. Sign up to receive Evangelio Viviente here!

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