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Reformation Study Bible Now Available on Bible Gateway

The Reformation Study Bible is now available on Bible Gateway!

The Reformation Study Bible is an invaluable aid to Bible reading and study, and we’re thrilled to make it available to you online. The heart of the Reformation Study Bible lies in its thousands of study notes, drawn from the work of more than 50 distinguished Bible scholars (including J.I. Packer, Wayne Grudem, and many others) and edited by respected theologian and pastor R.C. Sproul.

You can now access all of that study content at Bible Gateway right alongside your Scripture reading. Because the Reformation Study Bible notes can be read in conjunction with any Bible translation, we’ve made it available in the Resources tray on the right side of the Bible passage page. To access the Reformation Study Bible, just follow these steps:

1. Look up a Bible passage on Bible Gateway—for example, Acts 1.
2. Click Show resources to the right of the passage:

3. Click on the entry from the Reformation Study Bible that you want to read.

(Read more about how to read study notes and commentaries at Bible Gateway.)

The appropriate study note will be displayed in the Resources tray next to the Scripture passage. That’s all there is to it—now you can read insights from some of Christianity’s most respected theologians right along with your regular Bible reading.

The Reformation Study Bible is the biggest addition we’ve made to our collection of Bible commentaries and study tools in years; and we’re very grateful to Ligonier Ministries for making it available on Bible Gateway. You can learn more about the Reformation Study Bible, or purchase a print copy at the Bible Gateway store.

We hope you find the Reformation Study Bible a useful tool in your own Bible reading and study!

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