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Blog / Bible Gateway Christmas Devotionals Now Available

Bible Gateway Christmas Devotionals Now Available

Every year as Christmas approaches, we’re exhorted from all directions to embrace the true spirit of the holiday season. But how do you keep your eyes on Jesus when you’re under siege by the pressures of Christmas marketing, travel plans, end-of-semester exams, family drama, bills, and everything else that encroaches into the spirit of the season?

We at Bible Gateway can’t erase all those distractions for you. But we do have something to help you periodically re-focus on Jesus Christ as you make your way through Advent. We’re excited to announce a full lineup of free Christmas devotionals and newsletters!

We’ve been working overtime for months to put these resources together (that’s right, we started thinking about Christmas even before the local retail store put out Christmas decorations way back in September). And working with our content partners, we’ve assembled six Christmas newsletters for 2011:

Advent Devotions: Daily Christmas-themed devotions, music, Scripture readings, and more, throughout the entire season of Advent.

Classic Hymns of Christmas: Learn the stories behind the most beloved Christmas songs and hymns, with content courtesy of the Center for Church Music.

Christmas Joy by Mel Lawrenz: A brand-new daily Christmas devotional series by pastor and author Mel Lawrenz, who writes the popular Everything New devotional.

Bible Gateway’s Top 20 Christmas Songs: Earlier this year, we asked Bible Gateway fans to share their favorite Christmas songs. We’ve tallied the results into a countdown of the top 20 Christmas songs as chosen by Bible Gateway visitors!

The Christmas Story: A daily Scripture reading that walks you through the entire Christmas story in the Bible from beginning to end, along with thought-provoking reflection questions.

The True King: Video Insights for Christmas: A unique series of Christmas video reflections, all focused on the person of Jesus Christ.

You can sign up for these email newsletters on our Newsletters page. There’s something for everyone—and like all of our email newsletters, the Christmas newsletters are completely free.

Sign up for one or all of them today—the first newsletter kicks off this Sunday (the first Sunday of Advent), and the others follow shortly thereafter. We hope these resources help you keep your focus on the miracle of Jesus Christ this Christmas, even admist all the distractions of the holiday season.

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