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Blog / New Poll: How Do You Read the Bible During Church Worship Services?

New Poll: How Do You Read the Bible During Church Worship Services?

When a Bible passage is read during a worship service at your church, or when the pastor mentions a verse during a sermon, how do you follow along? Do you grab the trusty physical Bible you brought from home? Pull up on your phone? Tell us how you read the Bible during church:

How do you read the Bible during church worship services?

  • I bring a Bible from home (72%, 3,954 Votes)
  • I read the Bible on an electronic device (smartphone, e-reader, etc.) (15%, 799 Votes)
  • I just read what’s printed in the bulletin/sermon notes (7%, 394 Votes)
  • I use a pew/house Bible (6%, 312 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,484

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Our last poll had our biggest-yet turnout, with over 4000 people voting! Thanks, everyone!

The question was an easy one: How many people attend a typical weekend service at your church? The results didn’t shake out like I expected them to. Take a look:

Fewer than 100: 31% (1,324 votes)
100-250: 26% (1,106 votes)
More than 1000: 16% (694 votes)
251-500: 16% (685 votes)
501-750: 6% (267 votes)
751-1000: 5% (216 votes)
Total Voters: 4,292

Perhaps naively, I expected the over-1000 votes to dominate the poll. However, despite the prevalence of megachurches around the world, the majority of our readers attend churches on the smaller end of the scale. Thirty-one percent of you go to a church with 100 or fewer attendees, followed by 26% at churches in the 100-250 member bracket.

I’ve regularly attended churches in almost all of these categories (I’m just missing the 501-750 set). If I’ve learned one thing from the experience of attending churches of so many different sizes, it’s that numbers say little about a church’s spiritual health—the real life of a church is in the small groups and ministries that come out of it.

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