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Blog / Link Roundup: Heresy, Church History, and Rocks

Link Roundup: Heresy, Church History, and Rocks

Here are a noteworthy blog posts we ran across this week that didn’t quite fit anywhere else.

  • Marc Cortez muses about how we define heresy in What is Heresy? It’s Sugar in My Coffee. Most interesting to me is his point that heresy “arises from within the community.” Heresy, he says, “is better understood as something that develops within the church itself, making it both more difficult to identify and more challenging to address.”
  • Andy Naselli gives us 8 Reasons to Read Church History. I appreciated his fourth point that church history is missiological: “We tend to be locally minded and even ethnocentric… Learning what God has done to spread the Gospel over the past 2000 years helps broaden our vision.”
  • The BiblePlaces blog notes, in How to Discover Boundary Inscriptions, a group called BibleWalks that is looking for more Sabbath boundary markers in Galilee. These markers designated how far one could walk out of the city (about 2000 cubits) on a Sabbath.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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