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Blog / The NIV Couple’s Devotional Starts Saturday

The NIV Couple’s Devotional Starts Saturday

The first installment of the NIV Couple’s Devotional goes out this Saturday. Be sure to sign up to receive it for free!

The NIV Couple’s Devotional is a series of essays on difficult relationship issues like conflict resolution and saying no. Each essay is followed by a set of practical questions you and your partner can work through in order to better understand each other and your relationship.

Here’s an excerpt from the first devotional on regret and how to deal with it in relationships:

If you routinely catch yourself starting a sentence with “If only,” regret may be an issue you need to deal with. While dwelling on what might have been is never healthy, regret can be an important signal to stop and examine your emotions. For instance, if you catch yourself thinking, “If only I had married Jake instead of John,” it may be time to evaluate why John isn’t measuring up. In your private time with God, pray about the emotions you’re experiencing. Perhaps you’ll discover that your disappointment is springing from unmet needs. With these needs clarified, you can then have a forward-thinking conversation with your spouse about how to improve your relationship.

Sign up today to get the rest of this devotional on Saturday!

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