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Blog / Lee Strobel Talks About Faith, Doubt, and the Bible

Lee Strobel Talks About Faith, Doubt, and the Bible

If you’ve read any of his books (or subscribe to his Investigating Faith newsletter), you know that Christian apologist Lee Strobel is a clear and powerful communicator. He has a gift for breaking down the big questions about Christianity and presenting them in an accessible way.

In addition to his writing, Lee has given many talks and interviews over the years, and many of them are archived on his website. I went through and picked out a few of my favorites.

The first asks whether we can trust that the Bible hasn’t been tampered with throughout the ages. Watch Is the Bible Reliable as a Historical Document?

“We have 24,000 manuscripts of the New Testament compared to the second place which is Homer’s Illiad. I think there’s 600 of those…We have a great amount of manuscript evidence so that we can be confident of its transmission through history.”

The second video is about doubt. Everyone has doubts, but sometimes we convince ourselves that we’re the only ones who do—or worse, that voicing them is somehow wrong or evil. In this talk, Lee tells the story of John the Baptist’s doubt and Jesus’ response to it. Is There Room for Doubt in the Christian Faith?

“It’s okay to have questions, it’s okay to have doubts. As long as we use those to propel us towards Jesus who embodies the answers.”

You’ll have to go to Lee’s site to watch the next video on prayer: see What Difference Does Prayer Make in the Christian Faith? The following excerpt from the talk reminds us that prayers aren’t always immediately answered:

I met a guy who prayed for his brother for 48 years and 348 days, he counted, and his brother on his deathbed gave his life to Jesus. Now I don’t understand everything about prayer. I’ll be the first to admit that. And I know there’s a lot of mysteries involved and I konw people have free will and they make their own choice about whether or not they’re going to follow Jesus. I understand all that. I”m just naive enough to believe it when James says, “The prayers of righteous people make a difference.”

Also, you can also watch the full length documentary, The Case for Faith, at Youtube.

If you found these videos useful, spend some time browsing some of the other resources on Lee Strobel’s website, or sign up for his free Investigating Faith newsletter here at Bible Gateway.

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